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Thank you for your support on this site – baseballissue.com, this is the biggest motivation for us to keep working and making deeply research in the term of soft ball.

There are a lot of thing that you need and should know about in the field of softball such as the rules, how it is different from baseball and slowpitch softball. In general, people are usually make the mistake about identify what is baseball, what is softball so the first and most important thing is that you can clearly know what are the differences and identify right away what is softball and what is the other types.

About the rules and equipments, baseball and softball are basically similar with each other but they are different in size and materials, for example, in term of the length, baseball has 9 innings but softball just has 7 innings. Or in term of the ball, baseball ball is smaller with 9 inches ball, the softball is about 11 to 12 inches and less dense than the baseball.

Each types of sport need to have different training methods and programs that you should know and follow because softball and baseball need different type of strength and technique to make the players can perform their best during the game. Choosing the right types of equipments also is the problems especially for the beginner.

On the site of baseballissue.com, you can find the articles about how efficiency that softball and base ball can affect to your health, how to improve your skills of softball, choosing different equipment in term of softball, and the most important is that learning the information of softball which has happening during all the day to help you update the information and know if there are any new equipment that you can use if it suit with your playing style.