Are kids abandoning baseball?

The popularity and fame of Major League Baseball continues but a disturbing occurrence is the vanishing appearance of young players in the field. Have kids shifted their interest threatening this sport’s future?  When the season was opened last month, the league only consisted of 74 players, a far comparison to more than 200 during the previous years. Basketball and soccer, as other popular sports, have suffered in the declining participation of young folks.

In the past, most children played merely for fun and exercise but today the specialization trend is pervasive; so they are specializing in only one sport. The decline of baseball as a community sport has been especially precipitous. The year 2009 showed nine million Americans between 7 and 17 playing baseball; however, according to the National Sporting Goods Association, in recent years that figure dropped by more than 41%, to only 5.3 million.

Are kids abandoning baseball?

Reasons For the Decline

  • Diminishing black youth participation.

For Afro-American kids baseball is not a cool game for it is slow and does not offer enough options for self-expression. There are also structural issues with professional baseball that makes it less attractive to African-American athletes as they are offered better opportunities for fame anf fortune in basketball or football.

  • More number of kids needed in the game.

Minimum number of 15-20 players is needed for two teams. Kids are not free to roam all over town to collect a team for approximately kids do not have CPS license/protection.

  • A big enough area for a baseball diamond.

A baseball diamond is located away from the neighborhood for fear of knocking out a window. Mostly, kids are not allowed to use the actual baseball fields just to play. Whereas a game of soccer or football can be played in any open area or a basketball game needs only a hoop and enough space to move around.

  • Needs specialized gears

To play baseball, you need baseball gloves, a bat and a ball or two. In other sports like soccer, baseball or football, no specialized equipment is needed.

  • Exclusive season to play

Young folks living in the northern half of America require a particular season for playing baseball. It is exclusively during the summer months, when school isn’t in session.

  • No longer a default starter sport

American youth stopped considering baseball as a default starter sport. Younger kids play soccer and learn the game’s basic concept quicker. As a 5-year-old player said that you can point to a net and kick the ball into it. By comparison, baseball needs lots of explaining and for some kids, it is boring.

  • Kids travel to join leagues.

Baseball teams are pooled within towns in the vicinity as they make an outright merger and prepare an interleague schedule. From the start, At its entry level, players have to leave their communities for games more often than before. Many parents lack the means to easily transport their kids to neighboring towns.

  • Baseball, like every other sport, faces a lot more competition.

Kids can choose from sports many of their parents never played or heard of, such as lacrosse, or get swept up at earlier ages in intense programs for theater, music, dance, art or scads of other activities.

Are kids abandoning baseball?

Why Play Baseball

There is no better way to spend a beautiful sunny day, than to go out on a green field and play some catch. Baseball benefits youth in so many ways. It is important to keep it there. Knowing the reasons for the decline, sport authorities can plan the remedy.

Ball games can offer a variety of benefits for players at all skill levels. Baseball is America’s greatest pastime, as it is a wise reason to escape from today’s extremely busy and exhausting lifestyle. Kids who play baseball are reaping many

  •  Learning rules & discipline in the face of competition.
  •  Building good character.
  • Becoming a good team player.
  •  Being introduced to sports.
  • Staying healthy and physically fit.

In case, it is a problem to be admitted in a youth’s baseball league in school or in your community. Be proactive – just grab a glove, a bat, a ball and invite a dozen friends to form your own team. With the coming of summer and no school, you have all the time to play baseball and practice. There are many local parks in your neighborhood that already have baseball diamonds, or just do an old school, “sand lot” style or make your own.

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