Baseball around the World

One of the most popular sports in the world is baseball. Everywhere you go, you can see young kids and adults who know how to play baseball. When you watch a live game, it is always box office. There are so many reasons why baseball is a highly popular sport. Apart from a fun game, it gives a lot of benefits to its players. All over the world, baseball has developed and has its own respective histories. According to the records of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF), in 122 countries worldwide, there are over 35 million registered ball players.

  • S.A. Baseball

From the late 19th to the 20th centuries, baseball often hailed as “America’s Pastime” is the most favorite sports played in the country. For the Americans, this sport reflects the people’s spirit of courage, confidence, combativeness; disciplined, democracy, determination, energy, eagerness, enthusiasm, fearlessness, high-spiritedness, persistence, sagaciousness, success, vigor and virility. There are a total of 30 teams now playing in the American League (AL) and National League (NL), with 15 teams in each league.

S.A. Baseball

  • Baseball in Canada

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Canada. There are around 75 cities and towns in Canada that are homes to baseball minor league teams. Vancouver-Canada’s Class A minor league team is an affiliate of Toronto’s Blue Jay. Several independent league teams are members of the Can-Am League and the American Association

  • Baseball in South and Central America

South and Central America’s romance with baseball is almost as torrid as in the United States. The region boosts of several top-notch teams that regularly produces players that move on to other, bigger leagues as American MLB. Baseball is played in the streets and in the school yards and in addition to professional leagues there are virtually thousands of amateur teams on corporate and school level all across Latin America. Top level in the baseball tournament held in Latin America is the Caribbean Series with participants that included Winter League champions coming from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and United Mexican States.

  • Baseball in the United Kingdom

Today, there are over 40 baseball teams composed of more than 875 adult players that come from varied geographical locations: from Liverpool to Cambridge and from Edinburgh to Southampton. Since 1890, numerous league formats and governing bodies have been formed. In 2000, Baseball Softball UK, the development agency for baseball and softball in the United Kingdom has provided services to the British Baseball Federation (BBF) with the aim of developing and increasing the levels of participation, skill and achievement in UK baseball and softball.

  • Baseball in Europe

The Confederation of European Baseball (CEB) is the body governing baseball within Europe. Founded in 1953, the original 5 members were Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy and Spain. As of today, there are 38 members. In 2010, there were 112,303 players in the CEB countries. The confederation is responsible for operating the European Baseball Championship, a championship that has been running since 1954 in Europe.

  • Baseball in.Asia

The birth of Baseball Federation of Asia goes way back 1954 during Asian 2nd Games held in Manila, Philippines. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines organized a committee with the goal of establishing a Baseball Federation of Asia, and on May 7th of that year, BFA was born.

Baseball in.Asia

Baseball in Japan was introduced by an American professor in the 1870s and from then until the 1930. The professional baseball in Japan started in the ‘30s with the formation of the Japan Professional Baseball League. In 1990, the star pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers was Hideo Nomo, a Japanese player.

Baseball is a number one sport in Japan and commonly considered the national sport in Taiwan. Within India’s penchant for cricket, it appears that baseball is on the rise.

You can probably cite thousands of reasons why baseball is popular worldwide. Baseball is around the world not only for 80 days but for centuries. With all the health benefits of the sport apart from the fact that it is a fun and challenging game to play and to watch, there are so many reasons why parents should encourage their kids to play. Not only does this sport make you physically fit and active, baseball is a sport that can teaches so many things to its players.

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