Easton SP14S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

Easton SP14S50 S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat
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Any gender could benefit the outstanding features offered by Easton SP14S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat, and any soft baller will surely love its lightness, perfect symmetry and balance and the durable aluminum material it is made of. Enhancing great swinging and the best possible least drops to choose from can make any player stand out in every tournament, whether it is sanctioned by ASA, USSSA, ISF, NSA or ISA, they all trust this brand.


The Easton Slowpitch Softball Bat (SP14S50) is classified as a “slow-pitch” type of softball bat. Easton has so many quality athletic products tucked under its belt, made within decades of serious manufacturing and smart scientific methods. Their designs and features roughly culminate the best performance in every player.

The SP14S50 is made from rust-proof aluminum and are touted to be still useful even if slightly dented, more durable than composites and are typically lighter than any other bat material. The Easton SP14S50 Softball Bat comes in 4 sizes in various drops.

So, choosing the right bat for every player requires some picking such as the preference for weight, length and the right feel and proper balance to give each the ultimate power and capability to strike. On this matter, the S50 Speed Brigade could make a difference. Here are some facts about this beautifully designed slow-pitch baseball bat that you never imagine could save your day.

Product Features

Easton SP14S50 S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat

Easton SP14S50 S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat

1. Durable Material

This bat is fully aluminum alloy from barrel to grip. The material is rolled-press to the required temperature consistent to aluminum strength and tempered quality. The end-cap is also durably and seamlessly mounted to the barrel in a sealed fashion, any hitting force is not capable to disintegrate the assembly. The bat is expected to last a lifetime under proper care and maintenance.

Additionally, the tight sealed end-cap does not allow water to seep through it keeping the hollow barrel safe from moisture and water contamination. This joint gives the bat longer life compared to other bats with loose and poorly design weld.

2. Lightweight

Aluminum alloy are virtually lightweight, so as this slow-pitch softball bat which has a weight range of only 25-30 lbs. Compared to other materials such as wood and polymer, aluminum bats are denser that is why it is lighter.

The lightness defined the ability of the hitters to deliver the farthest strike. The barrel is also perfectly balanced in construction and not end-loaded to give hitters the optimum performance.

3. Non-slip Grip

The grip of the Easton SP14S50 is so thin; gripping it is as convenient as holding a piece of toothbrush without the possibility of slipping even under heavy pressure. The grip up to the handle is wrapped in synthetic leather strap which is perforated to be able for the palm of the hands a space to breathe in making gripping more tight and comfortable.

4. Non-corrosive

Aluminum does not rust and corrode so as this bat which could be used for all eternity. This trait is perfectly conducive to wet environment like when it rain slightly while an intense game is going on. The knob is also made from aluminum alloy fitted with similar aluminum shaft to press-fit it against the grip.

5. ASA, USSSA, etc. Approved and BPF Rating of 1.20

This product is approved for play and stamped with the seal of ASA (Amateur Softball Association) while also conforming to the association’s NBCT (Non-linear Bat Compression Thresholds).The bat is categorized by ASA as single-walled construction and barely will have dents if hit the hardest during intense games.

The USSSA also approved the S50 with 1.20 BPF (Bat Performance Factor) rating. Other major softball associations that approved this bat for play are the following: NSA, ISA and ISF.

6. Comes in 4 Sizes and Drops

The S50 Speed Brigade is included in the Easton’s Speed Brigade series and this model comes in 4 variable sizes to choose from. The drop has one of the lowest among the same class of other brands which is typically conducive for the average age players. The sizes and drops will enable the players to pinpoint what correspond to their capacity and ability. Here are the sizes and its corresponding drop:

  • 32-inch/ 25-ounce : -7 drop
  • 33-inch/ 26-ounce : -7 drop
  • 34-inch/ 28-ounce : -6 drop
  • 34-inch/ 30-ounce : -4 drop

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable: Contrary to what others believe, this product is priced lower than its nearest competitors despite being made from aluminum which is notorious as being expensive.
  • Great sweet spot: With a 12” barrel length, the S50 has a larger sweet spot compared to most products that have smaller barrel. The hitter will have a better chance in finding the massive sweet spot this bat has due to longer length.
  • Customers’ choice: As various website which reviewed this product, the Easton SP14S50 Softpitch Bat is one of the leading choices among customers who made the purchase for the past 8 months including the summer of 2015.
  • Shaped in perfect symmetry: The barrel of this bat is constructed in perfect symmetry without any trace of bulging or dents throughout.
  • Low maintenance equipment: The bat needs only light maintenance to keep it in shape every time. Though it is non-corrosive, the bat should be kept dry and clean before and after use. Cleaning is easily done with a piece of clean cloth that could be wiped throughout the bat’s length or wet cloth with detergent. Store the bat dry and keep it clean always.


  • Not for other uses: This product is not advisable for use other than what it’s intended for. Aluminum may not endure striking harder objects such as concrete, hard wood and other sharp and pointed objects.
  • Not advisable as toy: Some parents may allow a child younger than 5 years old to play with the stick, which is not permitted by the manufacturer as children this young strike any object within their path.


Approved and stamped for play under various softball associations, the Easton SP14S50 Slowpitch Softball Bat is surely capable of safe and intense games giving users the clear advantage in maximizing the ultimate performance. The low price is one of its greatest feats it can give to its users while maintaining the best qualities and features no other brand could match. You truly deserved to be pampered with affordable quality products to your liking.

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