Famous People in Baseball

Among other sports, baseball is considered to be the most popular and exciting sports. Whether you are watching a live game or you are playing the sport, you just can’t get enough of the action inside the field. What makes it is a very exciting and dynamic sport compared to others is that players need to constantly practice to improve their skills in order to make a new record. In this sport,there have been a lot of individuals who made history in the field. Some of the most famous people include the following:

Branch Rickey

One of the most popular individuals in baseball is Branch Rickey. He used to be a catcher when eventually he became the general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Under his management,he was able to strengthen the team making the Cardinals a powerhouse team in the next 2 decades. When Rickey left the Cardinals and became the general manager in Brooklyn, he brought in Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in the sport and strengthened the Dodgers for decades.

Marvin Miller

Known for his boldness and his vision for the sport, he paved the way for major league players to have reasonable wages. He dared to question the corporate baseball in the 1960s where most people think that it could be the end of the sport. By fighting for what he thought was right, it led to the modern free agency.

Marvin Miller

Babe Ruth

In baseball, players come and go and there have been a lot of baseball players who have established their names in the sport. But among one of the most talented players that ever played in the game is Babe Ruth. He started his career in 1914 as a pitcher. But from being a well-known pitcher, he transformed the game as he had his own moves and techniques. There have been a lot of players who gained popularity but no one comes close to Babe Ruth.

Ban Johnson

Come 1900 century, the National League is marred by corruption and monopoly. To rescue the struggling industry, there came Ban Johnson who worked as a sportswriter. With the help of the people in the baseball industry, the American League was created to provide a clean game. Competing against the National League, eventually it surrendered which lead to the birth of the modern era of baseball.

Bud Selig

As owners selfish and greedy interests almost destroyed the sport, Bud Selig came in to set an iron-fisted rule and guidance. Although he had his flaws where they shoved a cap on players and the failure to address the use of steroid, he was able to have significant achievements include the Advanced Media arm.

Jackie Robinson

Prior to the 20th century, baseball is heavily dominated by white players. It was when Branch Rickey encouraged Jackie Robinson and became the first ever black player in the field. Despite being the first black player, he overcame the challenges and the obstacles and proved that he belonged to this sport. He was an MVP in his 10 year career for the Dodgers.
Jackie Robinson

Playing Baseball

There is no doubt that baseball is not as simple as it appears to be. It is a very dynamic, physically challenging and fun sport that everyone can play. Whether you are playing it as a competitive sport or for a recreational activity, there are so many things that this sport can give you.

Even if you are just starting, you can always learn to play the sport. So, why is baseball popular? There are so many reasons why it is popular. For one, it is known to be one of the oldest sports. When you watch a baseball game, it is never dull and boring. And since it is constantly changing and players have to level up the game to make new records, when you play the sport you cannot be a mediocre player. You also have to be physically fit and competitive which are very essential not just in the field but even in real life.

Ready to take on the challenge? Play the game and get the health benefits of playing baseball. You may not be as good as the famous people in the field but you get to experience what they had.

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