Health Benefits of Baseball for Kids

Baseball apart from being a very popular sports among adults is also popular among kids. The youngsters also enjoy playing the action. But aside from just watching baseball games, many kids are encouraged to actually play the sport. Over the years, various studies have been conducted and what the experts have found out is that baseball can give the body different benefits. Kids who play baseball are much more active and disciplined. So for parents, it is highly recommended that they take their kids to baseball games and if they see their children interested to try the sport, they should support their kids to play.

Health Benefits of Baseball for Kids

Health Benefits of Baseball

America’s Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the Heart Association recommend playing baseball for health reasons. Here are the reasons why many experts see baseball as a highly beneficial sport.

Kids who are involved in baseball enjoy health benefits from the game:

1. Stronger heart muscles. Baseball is one of the best cardiovascular training as it strengthens the muscles of the heart, as well as improves the capacity of the lungs. The action of pitching the ball, running the bases to catch a fly ball and others is a short burst of cardiovascular exercise.

2. Stronger arms. To enhance joint flexibility and build stronger arms, the child can throw, & catch a baseball after he/she swings the baseball bat. The movement includes the biceps, triceps and the muscles of the chest and shoulders.

3. Stronger legs: The major muscle groups in the legs are moved laterally after the kid throws and squats down to recover a ball. This will involve the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and muscles of the calf. Running is a good cardiovascular workout and for toning and building up leg muscles.

4. Better hand-eye coordination. A vast amount of coordination between the hand and the eyes are required for pitching the ball and batting. Improving the coordination of the eye and hands will develop better cognitive and social skills of the child.

5. Burn calories. All the activities of the game may amp up metabolism and burn calories. In the United States, as well as worldwide, childhood obesity has become a serious problem for the past years. Although a percentage decline has been achieved among preschool children, but the number of obesity among children is still prevalent. Baseball games help kid’s burn calories and overcome obesity.

6. Stress reliever. Even kids are subject to stress due to complicated factors. Getting involved in a game of baseball is the best option to develop mental focus and concentration that refreshes the mind from everyday distractions.

7. Sharpen the mind. Making split-second decisions on which correct strategy to implement on a certain play can help keep the mind sharp and alert. This is like an OJT for making difficult decisions in the future.

8. And the good news is that kids who take part in youth sports like baseball are more likely to live longer, have lesser health issues, propensity to avoid substance abuse and attend college.


Non-Health Benefits

Aside from the physical, mental and emotional benefits that baseball can give you, it is also beneficial in other aspects of your child’s life. For one, baseball teaches you significant and valuable lessons that you cannot acquire inside the classroom. When you play baseball, you have to work as a team. This sport teaches you the value and importance of hardwork and teamwork. As you play with other players, you also mingle and socialize with others. Baseball can also improve your skills. For instance, baseball can improve your hand and eye coordination. This sport requires you to be responsive and to have good reflexes.

If your kid is playing the game, he will have to undergo training in order to be a good baseball player. Even if let’s say it is just for a recreational or leisure activity, baseball teaches you be a highly competitive player. It is not just a sport that requires physical strength, endurance and stamina. Baseball players need to make their own strategies and learn techniques in order to make a score and win the game.

With all the benefits of this sport, parents should definitely motivate their kids to play. Take them out to the baseball game. Enjoy, have fun and learn baseball!

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