How Do Baseball Players Train?

Look at baseball icons, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa who are considered as best power hitters in baseball history. From the onset until today, baseball has evolved from being a favorite pastime and a game of speed to a game of power. Although the game is highly dependent on physical strength, and skill but the most important is the ability to generate power.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional baseball player, you need to have regular practice. You need to train your body and undergo extensive physical workout regimen in order to develop your speed, strength, endurance and flexibility especially since this sport requires a lot of movements and actions in court.  Baseball players have to undergo to different training programs.

How Do Baseball Players Train?

Foundations of the game

Athletic skills are created through agility, flexibility, explosiveness, mobility, power and speed. These components are all significantly playing a role in increasing strength and power. As a ballistic sport, baseball requires speedy and explosive movements that serve as solid base and foundation that each player builds. The best athletes have the most powerful body strength. A game will be victorious when strong baseball players produce forceful contractions than weak players who rely only on their skills. A combination of skill plus and strength is the best option for baseball players to reach their maximum potential.

Traditional Training

Baseball players used to follow the traditional methods of training that are focused on building large aerobic base. Pitchers to recoup between their intensive bouts of anaerobic power, as well as position players, need sufficient aerobic capacity to fully recover after their anaerobic bouts of sprinting the field, running the bases, and swinging the bat. According to a study published by Rhea and colleagues, since endurance training is not compatible with power training, they should not be trained at the same time for baseball players.

Traditional Training

Training the Baseball Players

The multidimensional approach is used in training baseball players that focuses on improving speed, agility and strength that is essential to the motions and demands of the sport.

To increase explosive speed;Different plyometric exercises are the best to increase the essential explosive speed required by base runners and defensive players in the field. It also boosts of cardiovascular-endurance benefit. This particular workout routine is done twice a week.

To increase core strength and improve the power of the swing:Many actions in sports are based on core strength. For instance, to swing a bat, you need an extensive amount of core strength and stability, especially from the obliques. A great deal of torso and trunk strength will go a long way in pitching and throwing. Oblique exercises strengthen the muscles that used in the torso twisting motions of several aspects the game. It also serves as protection of the back from injury as consequence of forceful twisting motions like the ones you see in the game. Core strength routine is done 3 x through, twice a week. Follow: 21 Minute Core & Oblique Video

To build upper body strength:This is a chest and back workout. Comprehensive upper body workout such as this improves all aspects of the game. Do this routine 2-3 times a week, but do not repeat the program while your muscles are sore from the last round.

To increase lower body strength:
These exercises are intended to be done back to back, which means that the routine challenges your cardio threshold, as well as toning and strengthening the legs.

Minute Cardio Training & Lower Body Strength Video.
Training baseball player is an arduous process as it is intended for the player to acquire the skills needed to be a potential champion in the diamond arena. It requires physical & mental conditions, time, efforts and patience plus the desire to excel.

Depending on the trainer, baseball players have their own physical workout regimen that they do on a regular basis. From strength to endurance training, these drills and workouts are specifically designed to  make baseball players be at their top shape.  A player who is physically fit can definitely be more skilled in the sport. With constant practice and by learning the different skills and techniques, one can always be a good baseball player.

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