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Importance of Nutrition and Supplementation in Baseball

Baseball is one of the toughest sport that demands the development of the all-around attributes of players. For players to earn a score and win the game they have to have speed, agility and strength. If a player is on the offensive side making his turn to take the bat, he must hit the ball with all force and run as fast as he could to be able to make a homerun. Players on the defensive side from the pitcher, catcher and even the fielders must possess all these required qualities as well to prevent the opposing team from outperforming them.

Supplementation in Baseball
Achieving the much needed speed, agility and strength in baseball players also requires the best nutrition and supplementation. Every baseball player aspiring to bring out the best in him must pay close attention to the kind of food that he takes in. He has to ensure that what he eats while in practice, in games or even during the offseason must always be in accordance to a balance diet regimen. He has to discard food intakes that tend to impair athletic ability and develop the good habit of eating food that has great nutritional value recommended for athletes.

Tips in Taking the Necessary Supplements and Food Intake

Basically, a baseball player need not neglect to drink enough water. Water is considered a good supplement because it is consumed regularly in normal diets. With great physical exertion in baseball, players have to profusely sweat out and maybe in danger of dehydration. Without proper hydration a human body may not be able to withstand the strenuous physical activities done by athletes. So to keep your body going and not feel like you are drying up water is the answer. At best, a player must drink about a gallon of water per day to keep him in proper hydration.

A balance diet must be observed to keep the body healthy and fit. This will include plenty of lean proteins , fresh fruits and vegetables and just enough carbohydrates. The recommended protein intake must include those lower in fats. A roasted chicken will do as well as turkey meat, fish and shellfish. Some of the great sources of protein and are high in fiber are beans, kidney and garbanzos. Fruits and vegetables of any kind is good when prepared properly. There is much nutrients in fruits and vegetables if you eat them raw. Grain bread, pasta and cooked cereals like oatmeal are recommended to provide high level of energy.

Tips in Taking

Taking multivitamins daily may be of help to baseball athletes. However, when one is truly eating a balance diet multivitamins is not necessary. Supplements which are believed to enhance strength, agility and speed may be good but it should be done with utmost caution or, better still, have a doctor’s guide and advice.

There could be quite greater possibility that the food you may eat lacks the nutrients to nourish the body. If you lack, say, fruits and vegetables you may try to supplement your food with some tested products like green food powder which are now ready in the market. The green food powder are quick and easy to prepare and can take care for whatever insufficiency in your diet. These quality powders will help improve digestion and boost the immune system and energy level.

Another good supplement is fish oil. This will help the functioning of the heart and brain and joints as it reduces diseases. Protein shake will also help make up for the deficiency in protein requirement. There are quality protein shake products blend with some fruits and healthy fats that will help stimulate strength and gain muscle size if taken after workouts.

What You Have to Avoid

If there are do’s for nutritious diets and supplement, there are also dont’s for other foods. Baseball athletes must avoid eating greasy, fatty, sugary and overly processed foods. Since you need to keep hydrated, most particularly during practice and games, the amount of water to drink would be at least 3-liters per day for men and 2.2-liters per day for women. Avoid drinking water in excess of what is needed because it will bloat your stomach and may cause you troubles especially during the games. You may also drink some other beverages, but you have to keep away from those that have high sugar and calorie contents. Drinking milk is also a good suggestion but you have to avoid sugary fruit juices and soda.

Based on accepted observation caffeine is not good for athletes as it can be dehydrating. Alcohol must be avoided because aside from having empty calorie it can rob your body of needed nutrients; moreover, it may weaken your performance or may even imperil your health when muchly consumed. Sometimes when you are rushing to catch from school to baseball practice or when travelling to an out-of-town games, there is a big temptation to disregard your balanced diet discipline. If you are in hurry and has failed to prepare food which you may take while on the road, you may bring with you whole grain crackers and beef jerky which are more natural and chemical-free variety and has no MSG or sodium nitrate.

And, above all, keep away from steroids. Taking steroids may led to some serious long-term health consequences. It may also ruin your future as an athlete because its use is illegal and, if you are caught, this would spell the end of bright prospect of becoming a great baseball player while it has to take off yet.

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