Learn the Basic Baseball Rules

Just like any other sport, you need to know the rules if you want to play baseball. Many enjoy watching the game but it is completely a different scenario if you are part of the team and you are already playing the sport. For kids and even for adults who want to play the sport, learning some of the basic rules in baseball is the basic step. Here are some of the baseball rules that you should always keep in mind.

Learn the Basic Baseball Rules

Batting Order

It is important to have a batting order especially if the kids are playing. It helps if the coach can post the team’s batting order. All they have to do is to simply follow it. The umpire can declare that a player is out if he is aware that the player bats out of order. Apart from the importance of batting order, players should always wear their helmet. Whether you are running in the different bases or at bat, you cannot remove your helmet. For first offense, the player receives a warning and the second offense calls the player out.

Fair Ball

Another important rule that baseball players should know is the fair ball. So what is a fair ball. Basically, a ball that is batted and lands in the field in particular the fair territory is considered to be a fair ball. If it touches the first or third base. When the batters hit the ball, they need to run fast and reach the first base.


Baseball involves a lot of running and in youth baseball, you will notice that there are lots of rules about it. A runner should touch every base while going around the infield. He would not score a run until he touches and reaches the first, second, third base and lastly the home plate. The player has to touch the base in the right and exact order. A player cannot run more than 3 ft away from the baselines. He can only do so if he wants to avoid any interference from the fielder.


Tagging Out

So, how is a runner tagged out? In order to tag out a runner, the fielder should touch him with either his glove or ball and the ball is in. On the other hand, a runner cannot be tagged out if the fielder touches him and the ball is on the other hand.

Safety Tips

Considering that baseball is a highly physical and competitive sport, there are a lot of actions and movements happening in the field. In as much as it is really exciting, players should still be careful. Safety is always the main priority so players should know the proper way of sliding within the rules.

Importance of Sportsmanship

To win the game, players have to be really competitive and to bring their A game. But even if it is a competitive game, one must always have sportsmanship. This is essential not just for baseball players but even for amateurs and for kids playing the sport. Coaches should always emphasize the importance of showing respect to coaches, players and umpires. Keep in mind that umpires can make certain decisions where they can disqualify a player or a coach based on specific reasons. Umpires are not affiliated with any of the team and they are considered to be impartial. Their job is to announce the result of every play. Harassing and be disrespectful to umpires can result to penalties.

Learn the Other Rules of the Game

The following points are just some of the basic rules that every beginner should know. As you progress and proceed, you need to study more. Learn about the balls, fouls and strikes. The terms can be quite confusing at first but once you get used to them and while you are constantly practicing, you can simply learn the terms.

Aside from the rules, you also need to work on your skills and techniques. This would depend on your position in the field. If you are a batter then you need to improve your batting technique. If you are a runner, you have to regularly train to increase agility and to be faster in the field.

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