The Basics of Baseball

Baseball is a very much popular sport. Individuals across all ages play the game and even women enjoy watching a live baseball game. For those who want to have a challenging and fun activity that can also be part of their physical workout, baseball is one of the best sports to try. But just before you finally play the game, you need to know how it works. Compare to other sports, you need to go beyond just knowing the rules of the game. If you really want your team to win, you need to constantly practice and to learn the different skills and techniques.

The Basics of Baseball

Know the Basics

For you to enjoy and play the game, you need to know the basics of baseball. It is a game composed of two teams. Each team has 9 innings where the home team bats the 2nd bottom while the visiting team bats the top. In every inning, the batting team has a hitter or a batter until such a time that the 3 hitters are out. On the other hand, the pitching team has 9 players that will prevent them from having a score. In the event that there is a tie, there is a 10th inning and it goes on and on until there is a winner. In baseball, there can be no ties.

When you watch baseball, you often see or hear the word “run”. So how do teams get this score? This is scored when a runner reaches the home run after touching the first, second and the third base. There is only one runner for every one base, only one at a time. The teams have their respective 9 players on the field. Some teams have 25 players where the rest of the players are considered to be substitutes. Depending on the coach, a substitute player can enter the game at any point in time. The only rule is that when a player is replaced, he can no longer return to the game. He will no longer be allowed to come back to the game.

The Baseball Field

The field where baseball is played has a diamond shape like figure. There are four different bases which include the first, second, third and the home base. Each corner has its base. The distance from one base to another is 90 ft. Located in the middle of the diamond, it is 60.5 ft away from the home base. This is known as the pitcher’s mound,

At the outskirt of the diamond is called at the outfield. This is surrounded by a wall as well as two foul lines extending from the first base and third base. At the end of the foul line, there is the foul pole. Fair territory covers the areas from the first and third base as well as the outfield wall.

The pitcher stands on the mound. He then throws the ball to the other player known as the hitter who stands in the home plate. The hitter will try to hit it inside the foul line and run to the 1st base. The player can stop in the first base or he can also continue running to the second, third and the home base.

The Baseball Field

If it is a base runner, the player can advance when the succeeding hitter is at bat. This explains why you often see a hitter running but the other team mates are also running. If the hitter hits the ball in the outfield wall, this is known as the home run. The hitter along with the base runners will go to the home base. Everytime a runner finally reaches the home base, the player scores a run.

Playing baseball is definitely a fun activity. Not only do you get to have a workout session since it involves a lot of running and other physical activities, you also get to have a fun and challenging sport that you can enjoy. Get to learn about the different techniques and strategies and you can definitely learn more about the sport. For sure, you will be surprised that you regularly play, you get to improve and have new records. For a healthy and fit lifestyle, baseball is a must try.

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