The Best Workout Program for a Baseball Player

A baseball athlete with the right working attitude has a great future. Look at all the baseball champions that are enjoying their fame and fortune. However, the stairway to success is filled with hard work. Two important aspects of your workout program are: training: total body strength and explosive power. Before you can be a really good baseball player, you do not just acquire certain techniques and skills. You also need to constantly train your body. This sport is highly physical and you really need to be physically fit. For one, you need to have strong stamina and you have fast speed as you run around the bases. This explains why a lot of baseball players have physically fit bodies. So, what is then the best workout program for a baseball player. This actually varies from one to another as trainers and coaches have their respective programs for their players.

The Best Workout Program for a Baseball Player

Importance of body strength and explosive power training

Baseball player needs to acquire bigger & stronger muscles and to move faster. However, muscle imbalances are the natural consequences of sports. For instance, you swing the bat from one side, run around the bases in one direction, plant with the same foot over and over to throw. Training is the remedy to develop and correct these imbalances.

Consider that all your actions in baseball happen in short bursts. Each movement takes in less than a second: you swing a bat in about 10 seconds and you catch a fly ball in about the same number of seconds. Since baseball is truly a sport of precision, scores of each game depends on how you can come down to the accuracy of your movement.

Importance of body strength and explosive power training

5 Exercises for strength training

  • Squats

The best exercise for baseball players are safety bar squats because it forces baseball players out of external rotation. Back squats and box squats are also great variations.

  • Glute Ham Raise (GHR)

GHR is the best way to strengthen the muscles of the posterior chain. Do them for high reps with bodyweight or hold a plate across your chest for a moderate amount of reps.

  • Pull ups.

Pull up strength is equal to relative body strength. Perform these with various grips: overhand, underhand, mixed grip, and neutral. To perform 15+ add resistance to your bodyweight by throwing a chain around your neck or adding weight to a belt.

  • DB Bench presses

To increasing pressing power, use the DB Bench presses. Baseball players perform them with a neutral grip. You can perform these on a flat or incline bench.

  • Prowler pushes and sled drags.

This is performed at the end of your workout to improve conditioning. You can also use them as a tool to train speed.

5 Exercises to increase explosive power

  • Broad jumping

It is good for developing posterior chain power. This broad jump has the phases called the load, explode, and transition.

  • Squat jumping

Squat jumping is the second exercise in the system and is great for athletes who need to get vertical. It carries over well to kettlebell-sport for those who compete in the snatch.

  • Slams

These are primarily anterior chain movement  that are a great compliment to the jumps and also train explosive shoulder extension, which has helped get my pull-ups and more powerful muscle-ups.

  • Kettlebell quick step

Do your normal backs swing, but instead of doing a stationary two-hand swing, you will drive forward off of one leg as the kettlebell ascends with the other leg taking a big step forward.

  • Bulgarian jump squats

Set up as you would with other leg rested back on a bench. Tap the knee of the back leg to the ground and drive up with enough power to actually leave the ground. To maximize your balance and the carryover to a single-leg jumping, swing your arms like you would sprinting or jumping off of one leg.

These exercises can be done in any gym. If perform regularly, you will acquire skills and become a superstar in the diamond field. With the right diet and with regular physical workout, not only do you get to be healthy, you can also be fit to compete. It does not matter if you are playing baseball as a competitive sport or for leisure activity. You need to have strong body in order to play the game.

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